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        Windoor CC

        Pain points of the industry

        • 1
          Big pressure with hands and head calculating, stuff won't stay
        • 2
          Low effeciency with adding formula one by one, slow to add, slower to use
        • 3
          Disordered plan in workshop, low production and make mistakes
        • 4
          Once customer search for an order, find the overall workshop and wait for the phone all day
        • 5
          Glass purchase outside is very hard to count, easily making mistakes
        • 6
          Find products in warehouse by manual, easily making mistakes
        • 7
          Section bar optimization by manual, hard to store materials and waste is huge
        • 8
          Stocking by manual, is not precise, can't match the needs with goods
        • 9
          Order receiving and finance is not consistent, didn't get paid after delivery
        • 10
          Hard materials control with paper, direct impact on the production process effencicy

        Features and advantages

        • Self-determined trading

          Self-determined trading of the resellers

          Seamless connection with the factory

        • Being expert in a minute

          Fast design, auto pricing, analysis with a single click

          Clerk becomes expert in a minute

        • Get reports with a single click

          Materials cutting lists, process report, task statement, delivery report

          Lable of the section bar, automatically made

        • Automatically made

          Section bar optimization report, material requisitions automatically made

          Save one people's salary

        • Automatically caculate

          Set up materials parameters at once

          Any window shapes, could be caculated

        • Clear Finance

          Financial limits been carefully controlled

          Cunsumors accounts are clear shown in the table

        • Production Plan

          Product Material Control

          Ensure the delivery of products

        • Arrange production intelligently

          Arrange production task intelligently

          Increase production capacity

        • Tracke the process easily

          Hand-hold machine scan to track

          The whole process is clearly seen and auto alarm if timeline is exceed

        • Avoid delivery by fault or miss

          Avoid delivery by fault or miss

          Avoid fault or miss delivery

        • equipments Joint

          Access to all the devices in the eco-system

          Statistics can be automatically transformed

        • Reconciliation is easy

          Glass purchase outside, scan to the stock

          convenient for both goods and finance

        Product Introduction

        The factory version is a complete management system for the doors &windows industry. This is a top solution for the structural calculation of the doors &windows, based on years of accumulation in this industry, once material parameters set-up can be used to identify any windows design in this system, matching any windows structure, without repeated writing formula. you will feel the benefit from the real 'one-set for all' product concept.
        The intelligent manufacturing management system is a combination of windows design, cutting and caculating materials, section bar optimization, PMC (production plan management, material procurement and storage management), finished goods warehouse, financial management, customer management and employee management. Every department in the factory can work closer Through the standardized working process, an efficient information bridge between every department in the factory is built.

        Product Functions

        • project management

        • windows sketch stock

        • product management

        • materials solution

        • section bar optimization

        • resellers management

        • financial management

        • orders center

        • manufacturing management

        • materials stock

        • purchase management

        • finished goods warehouse

        2000 Doors & Windows factory, 30000 Stores, 100 materials dealers

        One step only, apply to the latest design for free